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Tomb of Dracula Colors


As I may have mentioned earlier, I did this piece for the awesome DC Fifty-Too/Marvel Too/Marvel What If blog. Now that it’s been up for a couple of days, I figured it’d be kosher to post the large-scale full-color version here. Click on in for a huge file that you can see all up close and notice all of the clumsy errors I made.

DC Fifty-Too/Marvel What If?


I’ve got a piece up today at the DC Fifty-Too blog!  You should go look at it there, because it’s in FULL COLOR. I’ll put the color one up here eventually, but all you can see right now is the black and white linework. Over there you can see it in FULL COLOR.

This is the first piece I’ve finished entirely in MangaStudio, at least for the linework. I did the color in PhotoShop. I really like the way that program works.


Pastor of Muppets


I am so, so busy this week. I tell you. I’ve got all the pencils for the Batcave done, but I haven’t had time to ink any, and I may not until next week. In the meantime, here’s a little doodle I made.

Mayhem at the Manor: Interlude


So I haven’t finished drawing the Batcave yet– and I’ve got a lot on my plate this week, so I may not get it done until next week. I’ll try to toss up a few other things here this week until I’ve got that done.

Here are the full pencils for the mansion section of the piece– that’s four 18×24 inch sheets of Bristol bumped up against each other, scanned in many pieces on my 11×17 scanner, then converted to red because the blue pencil I draw in doesn’t show up very well.

There’s a lot of changes I made when I went to inks, and you can see shadows of stuff I erased. Maybe it will be fun for you to look at?

Mayhem at the Manor, part 12


Here’s the last room of the mansion. BUT! This is not the end of this drawing! Next week we’ll start working on the Batcave. Then I also have to draw the manor grounds. Why, we haven’t even met some of the characters yet.

click for oh my gosh it’s a giant picture

I’ve actually got a conundrum– the Batcave is basically one giant room. There’s quite a bit going on there, but it’s going to be hard to break up. Would you, the reader, prefer I break it up, or just smoosh the whole thing on here as soon as it’s done, probably mid-week?

Mayhem at the Manor, Part 11


Okay, in the interest of saving the interesting part for last, I’m putting up a part that comes after the part that’s going up on Monday. Sorry about that. This will make more sense narratively after the next part goes up. But still, you know, Mad Hatter.

click for huge

I am drawing the Batcave today, so hopefully I can get that going next week.

Mayhem at the Manor, part 10


Alfred! We’re jumping over to a new story thread again. Everything sort of comes together in the middle, there, so I’m saving that.

click for huge

Sorry about the ginormous watermark, but this is getting a ton of traffic all of a sudden. Just want to be safe, but I still want to be able to provide the enormous versions!

Mayhem at the Manor, Part 9


I didn’t get one of these up yesterday because I didn’t go to work yesterday, and the images are on my computer at my studio. But here today, late so nobody will see it because everyone has already gone home for the night, is a new update. There will be another one tomorrow maybe.

click for huge

At this point another story thread is starting, down at the front door with Batgirl. There’s one more startpoint, and then another endpoint, and then we get to go to the Batcave. Which I haven’t drawn yet.

Mayhem at the Manor, Part 8


Two-Face, there, is the first thing I inked on this whole piece.  I hadn’t used a crowquill in twelve years, but I think I got the hang of it again pretty quick. It’s become my go-to tool since.

click for huge

Mayhem at the Manor, Part 7


FUN FACT: I completely got a big daub of ink on my arm and smeared it all across the bottom of this panel, leaving a huge, 2-inch diameter inkspot that I had to white out and draw everything back over.

click for huge

Anyway, it’s Poison Ivy! And also a piranha plant from Super Mario Brothers, I guess.