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Captain America

2014-01-17 10.21.22

Found this guy at Target the other day. He’s a reissue of a figure I did the initial turnarounds for about four years ago, a few months to a year before the movie came out. First time I’ve seen him in the wild!

Just for fun, here’s the turnarounds I did for him. He got simplified a bit before production.


Playing Around


I just got a copy of Sketchbook Pro for my Surface and I drew a picture of Wendy Watson for reasons. This program is pretty cool.

Digital Books for Sale!


I’ve been working the last week or two to prepare these two pdf books for digital sales, and I’m finally ready to put them up! I’ll be adding a link on the sidebar soon, but you can use this post to buy them now if you’d like! (I would like it if you bought them.)

1. Highway 13: The More Than Complete Series


My first published comics work! I spent a few years after college working on this book, a humor/monster comic featuring characters I made up in High School. This edition features a new cover and a whopping three hundred and forty-five pages of material, including the first full-length comic I ever completed, the never-before-published They Saved Hitler’s Head. I’ve also included the 11 completed pages of the previously unreleased eleventh issue on top of the full 10-issue original run. The entire thing is in glorious high-definition that would look great on a Retina iPad if you had one. All this can be yours for the ridiculously low price of $7.00 US.

Oh Yeah!

digital download in pdf format!

View sample pages here!



2. Sketchbook 1: 2003-2012


A collection of illustrations and comics created between 2003 and 2012. Includes the never-before-published six-page comic Ruled By Fear, written by Calamity Jon Morris and drawn by me! Also included are over eighty pages of illustrations and cartoons, many of which you have never before seen, unless you’ve been buying all the magazines I have worked for and looking at every website I have been published on. The whole thing is in a  high resolution pdf for viewing on whatever device you please. This one is only $3.00 US!

Wotta Deal!

this one is also a digital download in pdf format!

Note: Sketchbook 1 contains a tiny bit of gore and a leeeeetle bit of sexy nudity. Not much. But you ought to be aware. 

 View sample pages here!


ESR Logo


I could have sworn I already posted this, but the post seems to have disappeared. Anyway, I needed a logo for a thing today and I threw this together. Maybe I’ll work it into the site design somehow?

Highway 13 page


This page from my old comic Highway 13 still makes me laugh.  It was an issue about mummies.

32 Exposures


I’ve been working on this bit by bit for a good long time– I’ve got a lot more work to do on it, but I’ve finally finished the first page and I wanted to post it here since it’s been what, four months since the last time I posted? This will eventually be something like twelve pages long.

Click on through to the full-size image to see a little bit of animation on there.

Character Work


I haven’t quite got the hang of the ink wash yet– I think I went a little light on the lightest tone and I had a little trouble scanning it. I tried doing the wash on a separate page from the linework so I could scan the linework more clearly, so that probably had something to do with it, too.

Anyway, here are some character designs for the short story I’ve been playing with. Time to start the pencilling!

More Inking Stuff


I think I like the Gelly Roll one, with more like the shading from the Hunt 107.

I really like that 107, but the ballpoint is more the look I want.

Inking Techniques


I’m working on a short project (just six pages) to get my creative juices working the right way again. I printed the pencils for this Horrible Little Man a bunch of times so I could decide which inking tools/techniques to use for the final piece. The story is a “weird fiction” sort of thing. It’s got monsters in it.

I think I like the last one I did best– that’s the first time I’ve ever tried inkwash on anything, and it was a lot of fun. The gray on the suit works a ton better than any of the hatching I tried. I always like working with the Hunt 102, which I used for the linework on that one, but I was thinking of picking up a few random nibs this weekend and playing with them. I kind of like the super-dead line weight of the Uniball Micro, too.

Any thoughts?

Prehistory of TUNE


I was going through and organizing all my old artwork, and I stumbled across these two pages.

Way back in aught-four, Derek and I were looking into doing the story that would become TUNE for a different publisher in a completely different way. We were collaborating on the art– I did the layouts and rough pencils, Derek finished the pencils, and then I inked them. This was complicated by the fact that we were living on different coasts at the time.

Anyway, we finished these two pages and then for various reasons, the project ended up not going forward. A few years later, Derek reworked the idea into TUNE, and then I came on to do art duties on the second volume.

It’s fun to look at these old pages and see how different it ended up.