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Archives: 2012 June

Tick #101


Benito broke the news, and the Diamond order form is up, so I guess it’s kosher to tell– the next issue of Tick will feature Mike Allred’s Madman teaming up with the big blue guy! This is the linework for the cover.

Also I did a version where Madman’s wearing his jacket, but we decided not to go that way. Here it is!



Crystal and I have been watching Supernatural, which is one of those shows I’ve meant to watch for years and never gotten around to before. I like it. It reminds me a lot of Highway 13, but played straight. Anyway, we’re part way into season four and I drew this comic about the show while I ate my lunch today.

I hand-lettered it even though I drew the whole thing in Manga Studio. Digital hand lettering. I dunno.

Mayhem at the Manor- a few overprints available


So due to failed orders and a slight overprint, I have 24 prints of “Mayhem at the Manor” available. I was going to just sit on them, since I already closed sales, but I’m finding myself in a financial pinch and I don’t really have another choice besides putting these up for sale.

The price is $50, shipping included, but I can only do US sales this time.