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Convention News and Something New!

Convention News and Something New!

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It kind of snuck up on me, but I wanted you guys to know that I will be the Artist Guest of Honor at Capricon 32 this next weekend, February 9-12, so if you’re in the Chicago area, you should come on down and see me. My Middle-partner Javi Grillo-Marxuach will be there too. Bring your Middleman books!

I did this piece for the art show there. It’s an idea I’ve had popping around for a while, so I thought I’d finally get it down on paper.

3 Responses to “Convention News and Something New!”

  1. Will you be selling prints of this great piece? If so, when? If not, could you please contact me as my wife and I are interested in purchasing old Middleman art or commissioning new Middleman art for our house.

    Big fan.

  2. If you get a chance, make you take a trip in here to Chicago proper. It’s much cooler than Wheeling and it’s surrounding suburbs.

  3. First of all sorry for my terrible english, but I really liked this space Robot .
    Thank you very much for sharing and for letting me give my opinion. I am at your disposal.