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Archives: 2012 February

Highway 13 redux


As I lay awake last night until 3:30, watching the clock count up to the alarm at 5:30, I plotted out a short story featuring Rick and Garth, the heroes of my old comic Highway 13, which was published by Slave Labor Graphics from 2001-2003.

I haven’t really worked with these guys in the last eight years, so I ended up doodling some new designs for the old boys. Rick is now the road editor for a new edition of Killinger’s Road Guide to the Uncanny, and Garth has made some breakthroughs in therapy and no longer spends all his time as a wolfman.  It’s just a short story– I may work up a few pages in between other projects over the next few months.

Convention News and Something New!


It kind of snuck up on me, but I wanted you guys to know that I will be the Artist Guest of Honor at Capricon 32 this next weekend, February 9-12, so if you’re in the Chicago area, you should come on down and see me. My Middle-partner Javi Grillo-Marxuach will be there too. Bring your Middleman books!

I did this piece for the art show there. It’s an idea I’ve had popping around for a while, so I thought I’d finally get it down on paper.