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Archives: 2011 December

Got hacked.

Here’s a thing you should check if you’ve been visiting this site lately:

Go to google and search “evil space robot.” This site should be the first hit in the results. Click on that. If it brings you to this site, hooray! You have nothing to worry about. If it brings you to a spammy Canadian pharmacy site, you’ve probably got a cookie from some dink who hacked my site that could do who knows what to your system. You might want to clear your cookies and browsing data for the last month or so.

Somebody hacked in and changed my .htaccess file, putting cookies on browsers and redirecting traffic from a few different sources. I’ve fixed the file, but I was still being redirected to the wrong site until I deleted my cookies.

Sorry about this! I’ve changed all my passwords, etc., so I don’t think it will happen again.