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Prints update

Prints update

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Hi everybody, I was, just as I am sure you are, wondering why I hadn’t received the prints from the printer and mailed them out yet. So I just checked in with the printer and it turns out we got our wires crossed– they hadn’t marked the proof as approved in their system, so they hadn’t printed yet. They’re approved now, and I should have them shortly.  I apologize for the delay!  As soon as I get them, my girlfriend and I will take a day off to pack and ship everything. Thanks for your patience! This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and there was bound to be an error somewhere. I’m just sorry it’s making you guys wait.

8 Responses to “Prints update”

  1. Hey man, things happen. Still just as excited to get my print. Also, girlfriend…ooooooo.

  2. Hey no prob and appreciate update. I cant wait for it! Hope you saw my comment on protecting print for international postage as I always worry about damage occurring.

  3. So… my gentleman friend just showed me the print… wayyyy later than your 36 hr sell out, and after your lady friend’s raffle… I don’t suppose theres ANY way you could part with but ONE of your spare prints via mail? I don’t get the opportunity to travel to cons, so… please?

  4. Are there any suggestions you can provide in mounting/framing these from personal experience? I’m thinking a frame would look pretty good, but want to confirm whether I should get one with a piece of glass over the top. Was there anything specific about your prints that warrants a piece of glass? Thanks.

  5. I just emailed you about this. Thanks for the heads up. Please ignore my message. I am very excited to get this print, it looks amazing.

  6. It’s worth the wait! Looking forward to getting it!

  7. Whoops, I emailed about this too. No worries. Thanks for the update! :) Disregard my email too :D

  8. Awesome news, can’t wait to frame it. Could you please sign our copy before shipping them if it’s not too much trouble?