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Mayhem at the Manor: Complete!

Mayhem at the Manor: Complete!

click image for full size

Oh boy, oh, boy, you guys. It’s finally all done! Click away on that thumbnail up there for the full-sized version. It is fun!

Here is some added fun: I am selling a SUPER LIMITED RUN of these. There will be only 250 of them, and this is the only place to get them. Or, if they don’t all sell here, at any convention I may be at, but I don’t do too many of those, due to my bashful nature.

The print is 33″ x 27″ huge, so you can see all the details. It’s printed on a nice matte stock. It will look lovely mounted above your fireplace. Best of all, it can be yours for the low, low price of $40! Also a shipping charge because you would not believe what shipping costs these days.

EDIT AGAIN: Sorry guys, it’s SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone for making this such a success!

Quick Edit: For some reason, the store is only allowing shipping to the US and Canada. If you’re outside those countries, just email me at lesmcclaine AT gmail.com and I’ll add your country in to my international list.

ANOTHER EDIT: I’ve added the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, France, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, Belgium, Philippines

94 Responses to “Mayhem at the Manor: Complete!”

  1. Could not resist this! Just placed an order and really looking forward to getting my copy! Great work!

  2. I live in Brazil and will more than happily pay UPS or Fed-Ex to deliver. Can we please make this deal? I would love to have this hanging at home.

  3. Nice job! The colors really make it pop. Poor old Commissioner Gordon.

  4. The vivid colors seem to take away from beautiful lineart. Any chance it’ll get toned down a bit for print? Tried desaurating the jpeg in photoshop by -35% and it worked better IMHO

  5. Great piece! Ordered a print and totally framing it.

  6. Les, this is fantastic! It looks excellent in color, and it’s so cool to have seen this come together piece by piece. One of the coolest pieces of Batman art I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  7. Ordered.

  8. OH MY GRAVY! stupendous! wow!

  9. Any chance you’d be willing to ship one to the UK? My fiance would love one!

    Les McClaine, on November 9th, 2011 at 11:16 am said:

    It should be allowing it already! I’m not sure why it isn’t. I’ll try to fix it!

    Tracey Shanks, on November 9th, 2011 at 12:08 pm said:

    Thank you so much! :D

    Have just ordered one but then realised that, like a prize idiot, I left my home postcode but put my work address! Postcode is EH1 1EW, not the one I’ve typed. Sorry! :(

  10. What’s are Zones 1, 2, 3? Are you shipping to Canada?

    Les McClaine, on November 9th, 2011 at 11:21 am said:

    It’s the way shipping costs are set up in the store software I’m using. Zone 1 is the US, zone 2 is Canada, and Zone 3 is the rest of the world.

    Jordan, on November 9th, 2011 at 11:23 am said:

    Ah okay, awesome.

  11. Oh wow. It’s even more fantastic. Now I just need a fireplace. :)

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  13. Totally ordered one.

    Is the print signed? If not, can I send it back to you to *be* signed?

  14. Oh, lordy. The Egghead, King Tut and Bookworm climbing up the exterior wall makes me go “WHEE!” This thing is fantastic.

  15. am i dumb i cant find the store! can someone link me please!!

    henry, on November 9th, 2011 at 2:50 pm said:

    nm found it. in for 2!

  16. Does the shipped version have your website url all over it? Or is it just to prevent people from saving it to their comp?

    I would definitely order one if the url’s weren’t in the shipped version

    Les McClaine, on November 9th, 2011 at 9:21 pm said:

    No, the URLs are just there in case someone rehosts the image somewhere. I just want credit for drawing it!

    The print doesn’t have any of that on there.

    Totoro, on November 9th, 2011 at 11:58 pm said:


  17. Next consider creating a Spider-Man versus his Rogue’s Gallery! This is an utterly beautiful piece.

    Aaron Pownall, on November 10th, 2011 at 2:56 pm said:

    I’ll see you’re Spidey and raise you an X-Men…

  18. Just Purched Mayhem at the Manor! I Love it! Your work is excelenet! Can’t wait to get it. I hope you sign it!
    Thanks for doing such great work!


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  20. Much better than the black and white version.

    Because this one has Bat-Mite in it.

  21. Hey mate,
    Just wanted to say I love your beautiful artwork.
    I have just purchased one and cant wait to recieve it.
    This is my first ever artwork/print i have ever purchased there was just something about it i really couldnt pass up. (maybe cause im a huge batman fan :)
    Great job!!

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  23. WOW! Can’t really afford it but HAD to purchase one of these. So glad you ship to the UK!

    Are you keeping track of the numbers? If so and you could put #… out of 250 in a similar style and next to your signature that’d be amazing. No worries if not.

  24. You will not believe how heartbroken I am that this sold out before I could get one. Hellfire. I never put art on my walls and I wanted this so very much.

    AndyMoore, on November 10th, 2011 at 12:03 pm said:

    Ditto this comment. Bummer. I’m late to the party and didn’t get a chance to get a print :/

  25. DC, get this turned into the next Batman series, STAT!

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  27. please sell more!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi there. Got my order in this morning to UK. Am slightly worried about it being damaged in post. Are you sending in a tube and if so can you maybe put it in a box too as tubes always end up getting bent or damaged? I don’t mind paying more if needed. I love this piece and appreciate your help.

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  30. Dude. Seriously. Please sell more copies. I would actually pay full price for a black and white copy. Do it to it, man…

  31. So cool but I guess I found out too late. Any chance of more copies becoming available?

  32. [...] McClaine‘s Batman print, Mayhem at the Manor, is now on sale. Limited to 250, pick one up quick. Thanks to Super [...]

  33. [...] McClaine‘s Batman print, Mayhem at the Manor, is now on sale. Limited to 250, pick one up quick. Thanks to Super [...]

  34. Super disappointed to miss out on this! And only after having come a day late? AUGH.

    Any reason for limiting the run? “Limited editions” really don’t mean anything to me… I just want the print! Doesn’t matter to me if others have it too.

    Please reconsider doing another run of these! (pleasepleaseplease) :D

    Anonymous, on November 11th, 2011 at 12:32 am said:

    You may not be bothered but some of the people who purchased the artwork on the understanding that it was a “SUPER LIMITED RUN” of 250 would be.

    At the moment it’s exclusive artwork, if everyone that wants one is allowed a copy it’s simply another poster and this is/was reflected in its price.

    pfangirl, on November 11th, 2011 at 11:31 pm said:

    Well, some of us internationals had to wait for our country to be added, while regions already on the shipping list could happily order. By the time my country was added, it was too late.

    I missed out by like 2 hours, so I am very bleak about it. Mayhem at the Manor is the type of superhero art I’ve been seeking for my wall for ages.

    Anonymous, on November 12th, 2011 at 8:11 am said:

    That’s unfortunate, I’m an international too but luckily I managed to get my order in.


    I missed it!

  36. please do another run! awesome work!

  37. AGH! Found out about it too late. Hope you’ll do another print run eventually. It’s gorgeous.

  38. Noooo!! I love Batman and really REALLY wanted one!! But damn, had to wait till I got paid and then of course they are gone. Pleasepleaseplease do another run!!!

  39. please let me know when you make another run, I can’t live without having this poster.

  40. Love the fluid nature of the storytelling. Add me to the requests for another run. Please let me know if you decide to sell more of this awesome work.

  41. P.S. Love that Man-Bat’s playing classic Nintendo in the attic.

  42. Nooooo i’m to late! i was just checking if i had enoug money :( great work though

  43. Exceptional work! So sorry to have missed my chance to own a copy… if you ever consider doing another, or reprinting this genius artwork, count me in. :)

  44. Second run please.

  45. But I just discovered it two minutes ago and it’s already sold out. C’mon! Do another run!

    I have money! Sweet, delicious money . . .

  46. so so so awesome
    please do another run
    this couldnt be anymore amazing!!!

  47. Man this is amazing it’s a shame that it’s sold out.

  48. Second printing, please!! <3

  49. Have you thought of maybe converting the black and white version to a vector format and selling it as a wall-sized decal? I know I’d buy one.

  50. will there be a second printing?! PLEASE!!!

  51. Les!! Could we have a second print pleeeease!!!

  52. That is beautiful! Add me to the list of annoyances who support a second printing! :) I’d be up for one.

  53. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I was dying to order one of these but I had to wait until I get paid on the 15th.

    Please tell me there’s going to be more.

    Or by any chance has someone had a bout of buyers remorse? If so flick me an email aaronjgmitchell@gmail.com

    Dying to get one of these posters for the games room for christmas for the family to enjoy.

  54. Oh, C’MON, guys…Second print, pleeeeeease?

  55. Only just checked this site again to see if there was any update, and naturally I’m gutted I missed out. I will shamelessly beg for a second printing. The demand’s obviously there!

  56. wait! shit I totally missed this! You’re seriously sold out!?

  57. I am one of the buyers that hope he doesn’t do a second run … as the appeal of the poster was the fact that it was limited :(

    noah, on November 13th, 2011 at 7:08 pm said:

    The appeal was its limited run count? You must be a long-time reader of Jonny Crossbones. Or you’ve bought all of Les’s Tick run. Or even those DC, newspaper-formatted things for his Flash strips. Or maybe you donated him money during that failed commissioned art event.

    Or maybe you just read about this at i09.com a week ago. :|

    Anonymous, on November 14th, 2011 at 4:00 pm said:

    Agreed, all the people that have already purchased this did so knowing it was a run of 250 and how many of those 250 people would be happy knowing their SUPER LIMITED poster was no longer SUPER LIMITED, is it even legal to sell more?

    Of course all the people who weren’t lucky enough to get one are going to want a second run, but the artist has quite clearly added an edit in bright red (SOLD OUT).

    It seems there are a few people that believe whining about missing out will get them their own way…

  58. The appeal shouldn’t be based on it’s limited run. It’s a piece of art. Unless you have the original artwork, it’s just an awesome poster. And on that note, PLEASE do another run, I personally would buy 5 for me and my batman loving friends.

  59. I missed out. Please a second run would be so awesome. You can put a boarder or something on it to show its a second printing. that should satisfy all of the people moaning about buying it because it was a limited run. I’m interested in are not exclusivity

  60. Sorry for the above typos… Posted with my phone…

  61. Congrats to the people who got in on the first run, but using the “limited release” argument against a second run is just greedy. You bought a large (almost 3′x2′), color print for ONLY $40. That’s considerably cheap when you consider the cost of materials, printing, and the time and expertise the artist put into it. Obviously Les could’ve charged double if not triple that price and still sold all 250 quick.

    Plus, 250 is hardly a limited release. It only seems limited now because there are obviously more than 250 people willing to buy it. Maybe in about ten to twenty years when 150 of those prints get (god forbid) thrown out or destroyed, then you can call the print limited. Anything over 100 prints doesn’t seem that limited.

    You can go to any art fair in the nation and see prints a quarter the size with double the number of prints selling for prices way more outrageous than $40.

    Again, congratulations that you bought a great piece of art, but stop limiting Les and share the love!

    Reason, on November 14th, 2011 at 8:22 am said:

    Tell ‘em, Steve Dave!

    Anonymous, on November 14th, 2011 at 4:01 pm said:

    Some people missed out, it happens…

  62. Throwing my considerable (lack of) weight behind the many requests for a second run. I showed this to my 3 year old son last week (massive Batman fan). Every day when I get home from work he asks me to show him the picture before he heads to bed and every night, he will tell me something else on the picture he thinks I may have missed!!!

    Would love to get him a print for Christmas. (Not from Santa, as he’ll get loads from Santa, this one would be especially from Dad)

    Anonymous, on November 14th, 2011 at 4:01 pm said:

    Guilt tripping the artist. Classy.

    Hopefully hopeful, on November 15th, 2011 at 1:48 am said:

    never felt so dirty

  63. In my opinion there should be NO SECOND RUN!
    This was advertised as a SUPER LIMITED RUN and it should stay that way and anyone who wants one now will have to hope that someone who was lucky and quick enough to get one decides to sell.
    Anyone who thinks 250 is not a limited run obviously isnt a collector and doesnt understand the whole idea of something being “SUPER LIMITED” the fact that those people that managed to snag one are part of a lucky 250 while those that didnt now have to try and track one down on the secondary market.
    Welcome to the world of exclusive/limited collecting!

    Logic, on November 15th, 2011 at 7:03 am said:

    If you bought it because it was SUPER LIMITED and not because it’s a great work by Les, then you don’t appreciate it. If you bought a print only to sell it later at a higher price, then you care very little about Les’s generosity in pricing the prints at such a value. Les will only get the $40 you paid him, and not the double or triple the price people selling it will obviously ask. That is a greedy move, my friend.

    noah, on November 15th, 2011 at 7:13 am said:

    Anony Mous is like “Wait, who’s Les?”

    Logic, on November 15th, 2011 at 7:20 am said:

    He probably just Googles “Super Limited” everyday and buys up the top five hits. Welcome to exclusive/limited collecting!

    noah, on November 15th, 2011 at 8:13 am said:

    you mean “SUPER LIMITED”

  64. Lots of comments here, lots of generic terms being thrown around. Let’s see if we can deine some of them:

    “The Artist” – his name is Les McClaine, this is his art-blog site, and only a fraction of what amounts to his impressive works.

    “Anonymous” – the commenters that saw a shiny thing written about on another blog and decided to swoop in by the hundreds to buy this extremely great deal.

    “Anyone who wants one now will have to hope that someone who was lucky and quick enough to get one decides to sell” – anyone that has spent an afternoon reading all of Jonny Xbones and comes back daily to check for updates. A.K.A. “fans”

    Anyonymous Internet Tough Guy, on November 15th, 2011 at 5:50 am said:

    “Anony Mous” – a giant douche lord.

  65. It’s a shame that those who missed out are being so bitter and resentful about it.

    Logic, on November 16th, 2011 at 8:41 am said:

    No one’s bitter about missing out, just disappointed. We’re bitter about people arguing against more prints. It’s a shame you don’t see that.

    David, on November 16th, 2011 at 2:20 pm said:

    OK, imagine Les does decide to commission 1000 more copies of this piece, what do you suggest the original 250 buyers do, given that they bought it on the promise of it being a run of 250 and having taken this into account when evaluating it’s worth and whether they could justify the purchase.

    I’m curious.

    Reason, on November 16th, 2011 at 5:20 pm said:

    haha, yeah, that would totally devalue that $40 purchase. Imagine Les makes 1,000 more copies and everyone who wants one gets one! I don’t think Les’s fans are worried about the resale value of his art. Dbag.

  66. Drat!!! I had been following the piece’s creation on the blog but missed out on the chance to order!

    Please do another run! Maybe you could keep the coloring the same but give Batman the golden age, oval-less bat logo?

    Please consider, obviously you have more fans who like to own this gorgeous artwork!

    Thanks in advance,

  67. Hi guys,

    I’m going to close the comments here, since it seems to be getting a little vitriolic, and we don’t really need that.

    I’m sorry to say I won’t be reprinting this; there are a number of reasons and I’ve made my decision on that. I mentioned in my most recent post that I will have a VERY small number available at the next convention or two I do; I’ll mention any appearances I have planned on this site.

    Thanks again to everyone for making this sale such a big success! I really do appreciate all the kind words, too!

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