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Mayhem at the Manor: Addendum

Mayhem at the Manor: Addendum

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I just thought it would be fun to post a photo of the original art. I put a pen on there for scale.  Maybe you will be able to see it.

My apologies for the state of the studio couch. I should have neatened that up before photographing it.

6 Responses to “Mayhem at the Manor: Addendum”

  1. jesus. so amazing.

  2. Great job on this piece, thank you for the using the pen to help with understanding the scale. Wow.

  3. is it too redundant to say that this is amazing?! thanks again for sharing the process.

  4. So awesome, Les!

  5. This is amazing. Sheer awesome, you have to get this as a print, black and white or color, this is practically staple wall art. Good work, sir!

  6. Dude, if you decide to turn this into a poster and sell it, count on at least one customer. This is brilliant!