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Mayhem at the Manor, part 12

Mayhem at the Manor, part 12

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Here’s the last room of the mansion. BUT! This is not the end of this drawing! Next week we’ll start working on the Batcave. Then I also have to draw the manor grounds. Why, we haven’t even met some of the characters yet.

click for oh my gosh it’s a giant picture

I’ve actually got a conundrum– the Batcave is basically one giant room. There’s quite a bit going on there, but it’s going to be hard to break up. Would you, the reader, prefer I break it up, or just smoosh the whole thing on here as soon as it’s done, probably mid-week?

One Response to “Mayhem at the Manor, part 12”

  1. Hi Les, I’d prefer if you break it up. Great work!